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 I've always wanted to be a makeup artist and post videos on YouTube. My dream was to become a cosmetologist, so I bought a camera to post videos on YouTube and create a makeup channel. However, I knew nothing about photography or how to work a camera. One day, as I was practicing taking photos of my boyfriend's (now husband)  soccer game, a woman came up to me and asked how much I charged for a photography session. Before I could tell her that I wasn't a photographer, my boyfriend came up behind me and said, "she'll do it for $50." 

The rest is history!


My name is Sarah Toro and I was born and raised in Colombia, South America. I am happily married with my amazing husband who pushed me to pursue Photography. I have a beautiful son and daughter who have made me the happiest mom in the world.  I fell in love with photography and became passionate about capturing joy, laughter, and life through a camera lens. I take great pride in providing excellent customer service and qualitative work. 


I specialize in: Portraits, weddings & special events. My style of editing is light and airy and love to capture natural light. I'm Located in North Cal and can travel for an additional cost.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to


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